Gaming OI

VizExplorer helps smart casinos achieve operational intelligence, with solutions that let operators analyze live, fast-changing data and take action to optimize and drive profitability in the spaces they operate.

Get Smart, Not Lucky

With fierce competition for the entertainment dollar and a shifting customer demographic, casinos today face constant pressure to maintain and grow profitability. Navigating these challenges requires operators to be smarter and more efficient while identifying ways to enhance the experience for their players and guests. While payout, volatility, games played per hour, incrememental visits and other metrics remain critical markers of profitability, the data needed to manage the business is scattered across separate systems and is usually inaccessible to the decision makers driving day-to-day operations.

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Get Smart, Not Lucky

Operationalize Your Smart Casino

The smart casino works by consolidating data from across various systems into a single usable view, which gets real-time insights into the hands of casino operators when and where they need it most. This is operational intelligence that informs good decision-making, helps departments work together more effectively, and lets management take action to drive profits.

Sophisticated casino operators have long realized the value of good, real-time data, but few have found the perfect combination of solutions to make data gathering, analysis and subsequent decision-making easy. Until now.

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Operationalize Your Smart Casino

“[We] see VizExplorer as a key solution in our continuing focus to enhance guest experiences at all of our properties around the country. The VizExplorer group of technologies allows us to remain competitive by providing the infrastructure needed to meet our guests’ desire for compelling and memorable entertainment experiences.”

Chris Gibase
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Boyd Gaming

“VizExplorer’s Operational Intelligence solutions consolidate our existing data in a fast and easy way enabling us to optimize key areas of our operations. We can’t wait to utilize the VizExplorer solutions to gain a deeper understanding of marketing campaign management and slot performance optimization.”

William Robertson
Director of Casino Operations, Chinook Winds Casino Resort

"VizExplorer's Operational Intelligence solutions will help us optimize key areas of our operations, including the gaming floor, marketing campaigns, and hotel occupancy. We are excited that VizExplorer will enable us to leverage our existing data and provide views of our customers across the entire property."

Scott Kramer
Chief Financial Officer, Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort Hotel

“After an extensive market comparison we determined that the VizExplorer product suite offers a brand standard analytical solution for marketing, slot floor optimization and reporting that will serve our needs well. Being in a highly competitive market, the VizExplorer products will really help us to better understand our players, their preferences and how to get the most out of our gaming floor.”

Joe Cavilla
General Manager, Ocean Downs Casino

"We’ve chosen to implement a wide range of the VizExplorer products to support all aspects of our operations; from marketing and loyalty campaigns to player development and gaming floor optimization."

John James
Chief Operating Officer, Morongo Casino Resort & Spa

“VizExplorer’s products allow us to dig deeper into our game and player data to better understand our patrons’ preferences and use that information to make smart decisions in all aspects of our gaming business.”

Harry Taylor
General Manager, Casino Pauma

“VizExplorer’s hostViz gives us a powerful, mobile tool to improve our hosts’ player development efforts without sending data to the cloud. That was paramount to us as we sought to purchase software solutions to increase profitability while protecting tribal sovereignty.”

John Fernandez
Director of Player Development, VIP Services and Casino Analysis, Downstream Casino

The VizExplorer Difference

VizExplorer powers the smart casino with a range of products that comprise our Gaming OI solution. Our solutions span slot floor optimization, player development, marketing campaign management, dispatch and service management, and even customer service automation--requirements for casino operators looking to use good data to make better business decisions. 

Slot Floor Optimization


Slot Floor Optimization

floorViz™ maximizes slot floor profitability by optimizing game change decisions and delivering slot placement and performance analysis.

  • Automatic slot optimization tools and heat map performance tracking
  • Player loyalty development facilitation
  • Real-time slot floor management view
  • Optimized slot analysis and measurement
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Marketing Intelligence & Automation


Marketing Intelligence & Automation

campaignViz™ improves the performance of your marketing campaigns and drives incremental visits through smart customer segmentation, test and control analysis and much more.

  • Automated campaign creation and easy customer behavior segmentation
  • Test and control analysis to optimize marketing ROI
  • Access all vital information--campaigns, offers, players, segments
  • Real-time reporting for campaign performance tracking
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Optical Bet Recognition & Table Game Analysis

tableViz™ with ChipVue™ powered by ARB LABS takes the pain out of rating table game players, giving operators a complete view into the performance of their dealers and games.

  • Reliable Table Game Data
  • Accurate Player Ratings
  • Game Performance Analysis
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Host Development & CRM


Host Development & CRM

hostViz™ gives your hosts the intelligence and reporting they need to develop players, track performance and grow their customer bases.

  • Improves player interactions through centralized player intelligence
  • Quickly and easily manage host tasks and communications
  • Facilitates host manager processes and performance tracking
  • Engages all technology skill levels
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Slot Dispatch & Service Management


Slot Dispatch & Service Management

techViz™ helps boost slot attendant and technician performance with real-time dispatching, alerts and mobile task management. 

  • Real-time alerts and dispatching for machine generated events
  • Maximize machine uptime and reduce player wait time
  • Automatically prioritize and dispatch based on player tier or behavior
  • Monitor team location, schedule and performance goals
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Guest Service Automation


Guest Service Automation

greetViz™ is a lightweight tool that automatically issues mobile alerts to team members upon predetermined guest events, ensuring real-time responsiveness and a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time guest service
  • Smart service and guest engagement
  • Guest data on-demand
  • Efficient staff management
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CashInsite with Everi IQ

Player Loyalty & Transaction Analysis

VizExplorer® CashInsite™ with Everi IQ™ provides casino marketers with unique insights related to their player loyalty and transaction behavior at their property.

  • Match players to their transactions
  • Use player spending power to inform offers
  • Monetize transaction fees the right way
  • Optimize player reinvestment
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Platform Stack

The Building Blocks of Operational Intelligence

VizExplorer's Platform Stack provides all the tools to intelligently integrate all casino data, from slot performance and player information, to food and beverage data.

  • Data Integration Hub integrates all data sources without data warehousing
  • vizReport provides a detailed reports interface for advanced users
  • vizMosaic provides executive dashboards and reports
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Unlock the Smart Casino

Turn your property into a smart casino. Learn how to leverage VizExplorer solutions today.


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