Manufacturing OI

Manufacturing OI enables factory and job site operators to analyze live, fast-changing data and take immediate action with software solutions that drive profitability in the spaces they operate. VizExplorer solutions are enabling the smart factory and connected job site of the future.

The Digital Transformation

A looming shortage of skilled workers along with the demand for ever-increasing profitability are forcing operators to further integrate robotics and automation with traditional labor. The Internet of Things (IoT) is here today, with powerful internet-enabled machines already at job sites and factories, but how do you make sense of all of the data and leverage your workforce and resources to work together seamlessly? Multiple data streams from systems like CRM, ERP, MES, quality control, and geolocation are essential, but they are hard to use together to drive decision making.

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Digital Transformation - Manufacturing OI

Smart Factory and Job Site Delivered

The opportunity to integrate almost any data source in a central location with operational tools can help your business improve asset allocation, maintain or improve quality of product, and optimize value and capture more revenues per person hour on the floor.

Sophisticated factory and job site operators have long realized the value of good, real-time data, but few have found the perfect combination of solutions to make data gathering, analysis and subsequent decision-making easy. Until now.

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Smart Factory and Job Site Delivered

The VizExplorer Difference

VizExplorer powers the smart factory and smart job site with a range of solutions that comprise our Manufacturing OI solution. VizExplorer solutions span space and performance optimization and dispatch and service management -- all requirements for manufacturing operators looking to leverage real-time data feeds good data to make better business decisions. 

Smart Job Site - Dispatch and Service Management

VizExplorer's Manufacturing Oi powers the smart job site, where you can track work being performed in real-time, create and submit digital daily reports, and keep work in line with planned expectations. Leveraging real-time geolocation data and site blueprints not only gives operators a digital map of their facility and real-time asset location, but enables the creation of geofences for safety, such as identifying restricted areas that issue an alert if crossed, or to enhance security, such as receiving an alert if a geotagged asset leaves a specified area.

  • Safety and security
  • Asset tracking and notifications
  • Construction schedules and asset availability

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Dispatch and Service Management

Smart Factory - Space & Performance Optimization

VizExplorer's Manufacturing Oi consolidates data from disparate systems to provide an optimized view of the current day's progress based on all source system information so that the floor manager and all subordinates have full view into the work they need to complete that day, as well as enable floor managers to make decisions on the fly about how best to maximize resources and deliver on all future orders.

  • Asset utilization and tracking
  • Real-time data feed with geolocation to create a live map of your facility
  • Performance alerts and notifications
  • Inventory and work order management

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Space & Performance Optimization

The VizExplorer Platform Stack

The VizExplorer Platform Stack provides all the tools to intelligently integrate all manufacturing and job site data, from geolocation tagged assets and inventory, to employees and tools.

  • Data Integration Hub - Integrate all data sources without data warehousing
  • vizReport - Detailed reports interface for advanced users
  • vizMosaic - Executive dashboards and reports

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Platform Stack

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