Meet VizExplorer at NIGA

April 17-20, 2018 | Booth 329 | Las Vegas Convention Center

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VizExplorer Speaks at NIGA 2018

Big Data & Gaming: Learning To Love Math

Tuesday, April 17 at 11-11:45am
Room N253 (LVCC)

Welcome to a brave new world where data is king and can inform every decision businesses make when they market to their consumers. Learn about the real life applications and opportunities for businesses who properly leverage data to deliver the right information to consumers at the right time to secure a larger share of wallet.


Andrew Cardno, CTO & Founder, VizExplorer
Ralph Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, VizExplorer


Behavioral Analytics – The Path to Personalization

Wednesday, April 18 at 10:15-11:15am
Room N261 (LVCC)

All too often, marketers fall into the trap of not really listening to their customers. Predicting customer behavior and reacting accordingly will enable casinos to keep pace with the broader world of consumer technology. By predicting individual actions instead of applying the same metric for a group of customers, casinos will be much better positioned to gain a competitive advantage. This session will focus on the data, technology and entrepreneurial spirit needed for a casino to move from a strategy of segmented offers to a strategy of 1:1 marketing communication. Along the way we will have some fun with CO2 sensors, Machine Learning, and Chatbots!


Ralph Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, VizExplorer


 Protecting Tribal Data in the Age of the Data Breach

Wednesday, April 18 at 4:30-5:30pm
Room N254 (LVCC)

In recent years the number of data breaches has set new records! In 2016, US entities suffered 1000+ data breaches, up to 40% from 2015. Breachers from hacks grew 18% since 2015. In the first half of 2017, there were more than 900 data breaches affecting nearly 2 billion records. The number, severity and nature of these attacks is increasing exponentially each year and Tribal enterprises that gather data on patrons, guests, employees, members, etc. ought to be careful


Andrew Cardno, CTO & Founder, VizExplorer


 Big Data & Analytics on the Casino Floor

Thursday, April 19 at 2-2:50pm
Showcase Theater (Exhibition Floor)

We will explore how Big Data and competition are changing the industry. Big Data is the new buzz word, but are we really practicing this in our industry? What has changed in the last five years and what is changing moving forward? It's not about buying a system and then watching the data roll out. And it's more than new hardware and software. What innovative strategies are we using? What could we do better? Should we invest in AI tools? Even if you have access to big data how do you use it? Why is this strategy so important to the future of our industry? Be part of this interactive session designed to examine the "bigger picture" and its potential impact on Indian Gaming.


Andrew Cardno, CTO & Founder, VizExplorer

Proud Sponsor of NIGA Cultural Reception

April 18 at 5-7pm | Westgate Hotel | Paradise Event Center North

VizExplorer is pleased to sponsor the annual NIGA 2018 Cultural Reception, an annual event honoring tribes with performance by Native American singers and dancers. The Timothy Wapato Sovereign Warrior Award will be also presented in special recognition of an outstanding tribal leader dedicated to defending tribal sovereignty.

VizExplorer is proud to show our support for Indian Country during the annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention, and throughout the year as we develop solutions that drive profitability for tribal gaming operators. To attend as VizExplorer's guest, please contact your rep directly.

Customer Party

We wish to invite you––our partners and customers––to help us kick off the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in style! Planned for 7:30pm on Wednesday evening right after the official NIGA Cultural Reception, the VizExplorer team will be ready to start the show with drinks, good company and a ton of fun. Contact your rep today to receive your exclusive invitation.  

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