VizExplorer’s hostViz™ couples robust customer relationship management with task management features to give hosts the intelligence and reporting they need to offer quality guest service, develop players and track their own performance.

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Centralize all player data for sales intelligence

  • Consolidate player data from across multiple spreadsheets and systems into an accurate player profile
  • Instantly access player casino and slot game preference, dining and hotel reservations, room and event enterainment preferences 
  • Access recent communications record, including comp records and offer redemption status
  • Reduce reliance on multiple address books and outdated lists to manage your player development 
Centralize all player data for sales intelligence

Target and promote your VIP players

  • Understand the players that make an impact on your casino with numerous metrics available at your fingertips, such as visits, trips owed, ADT, theo win, total win etc.
  • Enable your hosts to work smarter with player valuation calculated for this quarter, last quarter and the variance so they can go after the players that really matter
Target and promote your VIP players
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Manage host activities to execute on your player development plan

  • Give host managers the ability to create, track, and manage tasks, as well as assign and prioritize tasks to keep hosts focused on developing the best players.

  • Quickly review all tasks assigned for coded players and see the assigned host, including history, of a specific player

Manage host activities to execute on your player development plan

Track and promote host performance

  • Set goals and metrics for hosts and then allow player development managers to track progress towards those goals
  • Review and analyze accurate, real-time reports relating to host performance, hosted player information, tasks completed, completed player calls and more
Track and promote host performance

Empower hosts to manage their own sales pipeline

  • Set goals and let hosts create and develop their own plans and set their own tasks to achieve them
  • Incentivize and track the performance of motivated, high-performing, sales-oriented player development individuals and teams
Empower hosts to manage their own sales pipeline
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Arm your hosts with a mobile CRM

  • Give your hosts the power of player intelligence in the palm of their hand with hostVizMobile™, so they can spend more time on the floor developing players
  • Empower hosts with the ability to track their performance and the impact of their player development activities 
  • Access assigned tasks, player preferences, recent activity, notes and much more through our intuitive interface that users of all technology skill levels can easily leverage

Arm your sales team with a mobile CRM

Increase host communications for optimal guest experience

  • Give hosts current, accurate player data available on their mobile devices to increase meaningful interactions with players on the slot floor
  • Empower hosts to update player information and add player notes in a few clicks to improve player intelligence and track player development 
  • Click-to-call and email from any mobile device or desktop-with automatic logging of all communications
Increase host communications for optimal guest experience
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Sales enablement for intelligent player development

  • Real-time player notifications
    Automatically generate alerts to take action on events on your casino floor, including instantly notifying hosts when and where VIP players card in

  • Manage events and attendance
    Unlock event and group management, giving hosts the ability to invite, confirm and check in guests, and allow managers to evaluate event performance

  • Guest hotel reservations in a snap
    Give hosts the ability to automatically generate email room requests to hotel staff from within hostVizOps mobile

  • Speed comp exception requests and approvals
    Let host automatically escalate a player comp request to the host manager from within hostVizOps mobile app



  • See players currently on the floor
    Give hosts the ability to see where their current coded players are on the floor to increase host/player interactions while improving host efficiency

  • Intelligent player engagement
    Use predetermined rules and automated workflows to monitor and manage player activity, and customize escalation processes to ensure the appropriate host responds to player actions in real-time

  • Sales automation for hosts
    Automatically prioritize and create host call lists using smart workflows to speed task assignments, player development campaigns and event promotions

  • Promote host manager process and escalation
    Give host managers the ability to quickly track and manage the entire player development process, from uncoded player identification, to host task assignment, to results

connectViz OPS
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"With player data provided by hostViz, we’ve developed a real reinvestment strategy, and our hosts are no longer over- or undercomping guests. We’ve also gained a holistic view of the host team and each member’s strengths so we can make smart staffing decisions to achieve future goals."

John Fernandez
Director of Player Development, VIP Services & Casino Analysis, Downstream Casino

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"After an extensive search for a tool to improve our host service, it was clear that VizExplorer’s solutions would more than meet our expectations. We are excited that hostViz will let us easily track  player gaming activity so hosts can focus on providing a better guest experience."

Glenn Smithson
General Manager, 7 Cedars Casino

"Nurturing players is one of the most important marketing functions for any casino. hostViz combines all our player information to help hosts better plan and execute player development strategies. Hosts now have everything they need in one easy-to-use tool, allowing them to quickly identify players and deliver effective incentives in real time."

Tony Tricase
VP of Player Development, Affinity Gaming