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Create and launch marketing campaigns with a few clicks


  • Simplify audience segmentation, campaign creation, and offer management with step-by-step workflows and templates
  • Analyze and identify the right audience for your promotion, based on a wide range of profile attributes using built-in easy-to-read reports, dashboards, and intuitive visualizations

  • Combine player data with campaign data to improve your marketing process from analysis to action
  • Manage monthly campaigns and export offer data into offer management system via Push/Pull 
  • Execute dozens of innovative campaigns every month, with a multitude of segments

Monitor and report on campaign performance with ease


  • Track in-flight campaign performance and quickly react to under-performing campaigns from a multitude of Super Graphics and out-of-the box reports
  • View offer redemption by campaign, segment and individual player

  • New: Expedite reporting workflows with our automated Post Forma Summary View that refreshes daily
  • New: See the impact of a single campaign through an automated Delayered Analysis of revenue and expenses

Efficiently segment your entire database using a robust range of player attributes


  • Flexible and efficient ways to segment target players and analyze their behavior using your desired metrics
  • Employ automated statistical techniques to execute A/B tests on segments of your choosing
  • Identify opportunities to gain a competitive edge with our geo-location visualization: Fight Zone Super Graphic®

  • Target the right players with the right offers, based on their worth and historical reinvestment %, to optimize marketing spend and drive incremental growth
  • Launch campaigns directly from any report or Super Graphic®

campaignViz™ Post Forma


  • Traditional Post Forma Analysis
    Get the traditional campaign performance report roll-up that includes a complete, holistic view of the financials
  • Automated Campaign Reporting
    Always see the latest metrics by campaign to easily monitor campaign performance
  • Campaign Metrics
    Get the most commonly referenced KPI metrics to evaluate both campaign profitability and player response rate

  • Delayered Post Forma Analysis
    See a deconstructed view that combines known free play offers in campaignViz with session level details for insights into the relative profitability of a campaign
  • Adjustable Analysis
    Drill into one or more segments at a time as well as player level information for deep dive analysis
  • Top & Bottom 50 Players
    See the top or bottom performing players by free play redeemed, free play win and casino win to help coordinate and drive player engagement

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“The combination of VizExplorer’s campaignViz and Customer Success Program were instrumental in giving us the tools we needed to create an effective marketing campaign strategy, which greatly improved the ROI of our marketing campaigns.”

Danika Cuero
Database Marketing Analyst, Golden Acorn Casino

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"With CampaignViz and HostViz we have been able to work smarter, and do more with less people. The insights we are able to achieve from our own database are invaluable, and the efficiencies we’ve found have paid for the investment several times over.  It has been a boost to our business and bottom line.."

Alison Fogarty
VP of Marketing, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

“We are pleased with VizExplorer’s robust analytics and state-of-the-art systems for automated campaigns,”

Jamie Brown
Chief Marketing Officer, Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park

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