CashInsite with Everi IQ

CashInsite™ with Everi IQ™ lets you accurately capture cash access transactions at your property to understand player loyalty and spend.

Player Transaction Analysis
Player Loyalty with Everi IQ
Transaction Behavior Analysis

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Match transactions to players

  • Match the Everi cash access transactions completed on your gaming floor to your players with the VizExplorer Data Matcher™
  • With the ability to analyze all current and past Everi cash access transactions, quickly match players with a high degree of certainty
  • Combine player data with Everi cash access transaction data to improve your understanding of player value
Match player transactions

Use player spending power to inform offers

  • Leverage VizExplorer Super Graphic™ visualizations to analyze player transactions
  • Understand players’ on-property spending power and leverage look-a-like models to segment and optimize offers
  • Gain additional insights into player frequency and worth to help determine marketing campaigns
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Analyze player loyalty behavior

  • Assess a player’s loyalty to your casino based on an analysis of Everi cash access transactions across properties to inform your marketing campaigns
  • Using complex and proprietary algorithms, Everi IQ™ scores are calculated based on player worth, transaction frequency and loyalty
  • When combined with existing player data available through VizExplorer, Everi IQ scores
    deliver brand new insights into player cash transactions and spending patterns on the casino floor
Everi IQ Codes

Optimize marketing offers to players

  • Audience segmentation based on EveriIQ score to deliver targeted marketing offers
  • Fine tune player reinvestment with the ability to better understand player loyalty and value faster and create targeted offers that promote the right response
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Leverage transactional behavior to inform campaigns

  • Perform detailed analysis of player spend and transaction patterns to gain new insights into player behavior
  • Deliver offers that encourage additional cash access transactions on the casino floor, visits and spend
  • Answer key marketing questions about your players
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Monetize transaction fees the right way

  • Understand how transaction fees relate to player behavior and the impact to your casino floor to drive revenue
  • Use Test & Control to find the optimal transaction fee that generates the largest impact to the bottomline
  • Automatically apply statistical techniques to ensure you get answers you can rely on
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Everi Payments provides payment and cash access solutions to the gaming industry that reduce operating expenses, enhance your player experience, and add funds to your casino floor.

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