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We're proud to announce the availability of VizExplorer's Slot Recommendation Engine.
A new, automated, game-change analysis solution for slot operators.


  • Maximize your time 
    Every morning a fresh set of, Location-based, FairShare, and "Your own recipe"; recommendations are ready to review.
  • Capitalize on Opportunities
    Bolster your own analysis. Spot check for holes using 20+ proven pre-defined analysis.
  • Improve analytical efficiency
    Conduct scenario-based analysis on your metric sensitivity in seconds.

  • See the Lift
    See your expected lift BEFORE you make a change.
  • Validate your changes
    Challenge assumptions through quantitative explanations behind each recommendation. 
  • Drive More Revenue
    Increase the number of successful slot floor projects


Capitalize on opportunities with our pre-defined and custom analysis.


  • Pre-defined Rules:
    Over 20 out-of-the-box rules based on proven, best practices to drive slot revenue
    • Location-Based Analysis
      Analyze each section individually for add, removal, move, and conversion recommendations.
    • Fair Share Analysis
      See recommendations based on game mix to understand which denom, cabinet and manufacturer will be needed in the long run.

  • Custom Rules:
    • My Rules
      Easily create your own formulas to prove your best ideas and validate your floor changes with common components like: slot attributes, ownership data, trend analysis data, location analysis data, and player preference

Validate your changes.


  • Automated Analysis
    We do all the analysis overnight for the most common date ranges so you can focus on what is important, taking action
  • Forecast Impact
    Get an expected lift calculation for each location-based recommendation to forecast the impact of the game change
  • Finely Tuned
    Use sensitivity filters to refine performance tolerances for more targeted recommendations based on 45, 90 and 180 days of slot performance data.

  • Extensive Breakdown 
    Each recommendation was made with an easy to understand quantitative breakdown.
  • Leverage Proven Techniques
    Uses rules based on industry knowledge and proven analytical methods to automate game change recommendations
  • Analyze Results
    Evaluate performance against commonly used metrics and game attributes

Constantly improving and evolving.


  • New Rule Builder
    Automate your own workflow using over 150 rule recipes
  • Follow the Money (and save time)
    Our powerful "Linking" feature shows an optimized sequence of changes to make on your floor.
  • Data Your Way 
    Export all your recommendations or pull machine data to send to techs or share with your team.

  • On-the-go
    Take action on the floor or on-the-go with our responsive interface.
  • Enhanced Support and Multi-Role Support
    Easily get in touch with our support team. Quickly adjust roles within your team giving flexibility to do their job more efficiently. 

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