The Cost of Slot Machine Downtime

with Vince Catalano, Director of Gaming Operations, VizExplorer

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Vince Catalano, Director of Gaming Operations at VizExplorer sits down with John Reed to discuss solving for the true cost of slot machine downtime and how to leverage the data to positively inform slot floor decisions.

Not every day does a machine perform at the same level, so what I’m proposing here is using some more granular math. So were going to look at things like theo win per hour were going to look at occupancy which is based off of individual game speed and it counts for machine play variability. So, we all know that every game on a slot floor plays at a different speed so we take that occupancy metric and we can actually identify what utilization is on the slot floor which helps us extrapolate, using that in conjunction with theo win per hour and that utilization, a potential cost” - Vince Catalano

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