Our Solutions

VizExplorer offers Operational Intelligence (OI) solutions to the casino, manufacturing, and sports and entertainment industries.

Space & Profit Optimization

Maximize the ROI of your smart space

VizExplorer solutions allow you to optimize any space or venue for the purpose of ensuring operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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Dispatch & Service Management

Ensure quality of service and respond to events in real-time

VizExplorer solutions help you drive operational efficiency with intelligent task facilitation, real-time dispatch and service management based on automated machine events.

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Marketing Intelligence & Automation

Analytical insights marketers can act on

VizExplorer provides an advanced campaign management and automation solution so you can reach important audience segments via highly targeted, efficient promotions and campaigns. 

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Customer Development & CRM

Increase sales efficiency with customer intelligence

VizExplorer provides a solution that helps you manage your customers and their contact information, as well as the priorities, performance and pipeline of your sales team.

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Customer Service Automation

Dynamically respond to customers in real-time

VizExplorer specializes in solutions that allow you to automate certain customer service processes to ensure responsiveness to guests and drive a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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Platform Stack

The building blocks of operational intelligence

The VizExplorer Platform Stack gives you all the tools that you need to intelligently integrate, report and visualize all of the disparate data sources that impact business operations and profitability. 

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