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Engaging with VizExplorer and leveraging its Player Development solutions, a midwestern tribal casino optimized its Player Development (PD) in a highly competitive market to generate a significant growth in VIP revenue.


🎯 What was the challenge? 

The casino needed an automated CRM solution that enhanced internal processes and provided actionable insights to drive incremental revenue.


🤔 Why did they choose PD ? 

Leveraging VizExplorer’s powerful Player Development solutions gave the property the tools and industry expertise to enhance their Player Development growth strategy.


🔍 How did PD help solve the problem?

With VizExplorer solutions, the property Player Development Team was able to focus on building guest loyalty and increasing spend while enhancing overall team effectiveness.


📊 Results       

✅ Return on investment  – 20x 
Significant increases in:                                                   

  Conversion Win & Player Count  

  Customer Retention & Acquisition 


10% YoY VIP segment growth 

✨“HostVizOps provides the tools and confidence our team needs to do what they do best and focus on driving incremental trips from the most important guests” ✨                          Casino Director of PD


🏨 Background

Located in the Midwest, approximately one hour from a major city, this mid-sized Tribal Property was in need of a solution that allowed them to automate a manual process in managing their guests and identify growth opportunities. Competitors were making efforts to capture the existing customer business. With a hotel, 1200 slots, table games, and multiple dining options the property was looking to retain its current players while implementing new strategies to grow its customer base.



Over 100,000 slots across 6 continents are optimized by VizExplorer

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No other Gaming solutions provider has the experience and track record of VizExplorer. Since 2012 we have been a trusted partner of the most successful casinos in the world.

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