Slot Floor Optimization for Gaming


Optimize game change decisions and maximize slot floor profitability with analytics derived from a combination of slot machine and player data to drive actionable insights.

Measurement & Analysis
Game Change & Floor Management
Player Behavior & Loyalty Facilitation

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Analyze slot floor performance

  • Accurately calculate slot game occupancy with combined rated and accounting data
  • Visualize play patterns to determine how location affects performance
  • Get a complete picture of your slot floor and individual slot machine performance with intuitive data visualizations like floor maps and tree maps
Measurement & Analysis - floorViz

Measure and track slot ROI

  • Make better buy/convert decisions with detailed, yet easy-to-read analytics
  • Measure ROI from new machines and machine moves quickly and accurately by analyzing floormaps and related data, not just machine numbers
  • Understand the true price per hour of play by analyzing theoretical hold, game speed and the average bet per machine
Measurement & Analysis - floorViz
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Quickly uncover changes that will make an impact

  • Identify under performing machines instantly with the slot floor heat map SUPER GRAPHIC™, and other innovative visual analytics tools
  • Optimize multi-games on the floor easily through detailed multi-game performance analysis reporting and hierarchical treemap SUPER GRAPHIC™
Game Change & Floor Managment - floorViz

Optimize game change decisions with slot floor intelligence

  • Make better, faster buy/convert decisions with detailed, yet easy-to-read visualizations for instant insights
  • Justify capital expenses with analytics reporting that supports your budget requests 
  • Understand slot trending and quickly uncover the optimal game supply and impacts from game changes
  • Evolve your business with Customizable Recommendation Engine
Game Change & Floor Management - floorViz
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Find monetization opportunities using player behavior data

  • Gain insights into players with behavior analytics that take into account both rated and unrated play
  • Pull lists of players from certain game types or a selection of machines and then visually see where else they play on the floor
  • Measure the level of devotion customers have to a game theme
Player Behavoir & Loyalty Facilitation - floorViz

Drive guest experience and player loyalty

  • Quickly identify under performing machines and their most loyal players to take immediate action to reconfigure slot floor and notify affected customers
  • Pull lists of players using game type or select slots to easily visualize where they play on the floor
Player Behavior & Loyalty Facilitation - floorViz
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Advanced slot floor intelligence to maximize ROI

  • Advanced analytics
    Add new analytics-based metrics on floor performance such as occupancy, volatility and more

  • Understand player experience
    Gain a deeper understanding of player preferences and capture in-session game experience

  • Cannibalization
    Account for slot floor cannibalization to better evaluate slot floor revenues

  • Increase slot change efficiency
    Coordinate game change process dynamically
    throughout the department with slot project management



ActionFactoryAutomated Workflows and Alerts

  • Workflow management for approval workflows for automated slot operations
  • Coordinate game change process dynamically throughout the department with slot project management

AdvancedAnalyticsModeling and Automated Analysis

  • Advanced models including volatility, lift (cannibalization) and automated analysis to support decisions that drive slot floor revenues

StackedFormsDrillable Report Queries

  • Empower slot manager to manage the entire game change workflow process, from initial work order, to tracking the supply chain process, to flagging changes as “on order”
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"floorViz helps us define and maintain an optimum floor mix, justify capital investment to upper management, streamline our customer service and easily identify revenue opportunities via floor changes."

Todd DeRemer
Vice President of Slot Operations, Thunder Valley Casino Resort

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"floorViz allows you to see a tremendous amount of data so you can take action and iterate your floor and marketing campaigns at a speed that you wouldn’t otherwise."

David Farahi
COO, Monarch Casino Resort

"VizExplorer’s products allow us to dig deeper into our game and player data to better understand our patrons' preferences and use that information to make smart decisions in all aspects of our gaming business."

Harry Taylor
General Manager, Casino Pauma

"To maximize profitability we needed a better understanding of our players’ preferences and slot performance. [floorViz] will give us a consolidated view of player and machine data and let us easily generate reports to make informed decisions."

Don Jennings
Slot Director, Elk Valley Casino

"Super Graphics helped us discover a problematic area on our gaming floor. We took out some slots and created more comfortable seating, and saw an increase in average win per machine, and overall revenue from the area jumped despite a reduction in games."

Robbie Sawyer
VP of Slots, Grand Casino Mille Lacs

"Since our floor remodel, Route 66 slots have  continued to demonstrate record win per unit,  and continued year-over-year growth in overall slot revenue.”

Jeffery Inman
Corporate Director of Slots, Laguna Development Corporation

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